The Magical Science of Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride’s ability to inhibit or even reverse the initiation and progression of tooth decay is well documented. Fluoride varnishes were developed to improve the efficacy and safety of topical fluoride. For more than 30 years, fluoride varnishes have been the standard of care for the professional application of topical fluoride in Europe. The primary reasons for the wide acceptance of fluoride varnishes include the ease of use, safety, and convenient application procedure. With fluoride varnishes, the amount of fluoride exposure to patients can be better controlled, and less chair time is required compared with the conventional use of foams and gels that require suction devices and trays. At Swett Dentistry we offer fluoride varnishes for most of our patients because research clearly shows that fluoride varnish:

  1. Inhibits or reverses the initiation and progression of cavities in teeth.
  2. Is safe when applied as a varnish by a dental professional. (The effectiveness and safety of fluoride varnishes are documented in more than 50 clinical trials)
  3. Helps make exposed root surfaces stronger.
  4. Makes teeth less sensitive by closing the "pores" in teeth.
  5. Is beneficial for patients who have dry mouth decreasing their development of decay.
  6. Strengthens teeth in children and adults alike.
  7. Is great for white spots on teeth, making them stronger and less susceptible to decay.