Thank you for choosing us to help care for your child's oral health.  In order to have a great dental experience we have put together a few tips to help him/her prepare for thier first visit to our office.

  • “play/act” dentist at home with your child before their visit.  Have them lie back as if they are in the dental chair and count their teeth.  Practice flossing and brushing the teeth this way as well so they are familiar with how they will be in the office. Take turns and let the child be the “dentist” and you be the “patient”.  Discuss gloves and masks too and why we wear them- (we are happy to give you some to make the acting more realistic)
  • Get your child excited about their first dental check up and maybe bring a camera to make the event special and important to them.  (no need to bribe with a trip to Toys R Us- they’ll visit our “treasure chest” before they leave the office!)
  • When at the office we find children generally do better in the treatment room without a caregiver.  We know this might be tough for some families, but we will come to get you during the exam portion of the visit to review our findings and discuss your concerns.
  • Your attitude will determine the attitude of your child, so please stay positive and encouraging.  At the end of the visit let your child know how proud you are of them for being cooperative and open to new experiences. 

Looking forward to seeing you and your child soon!

Drs David, Rebecca & Dr Cruz 

 child getting dental care