What are Digital Impressions?

Digital impressions are highly precise laser scans of a patient's mouth taken with a hand held device.  This information is then sent to the lab over the internet and the lab will begin making your crown, veneer or mouthguard immediately.

Why Digital Impressions?

  • We can deliver the most accurate fit of any work we have done to date
  • No impression material or big trays in your mouth, just a camera
  • No transfer of bacteria to or from the dental lab
  • No loss of models in the mail and faster turnaround because case is sent digitally

A Bonus:  Eco -friendly aspects include eliminating disposable waste in the form of impression trays and impression material and dental models.

What's in it for the patient?

  • A more comfortable dental experience
  • A better fitting restoration
  • Less wait to get your crowns, veneers or nightguards.

Knowing your doctors are striving to provide you with the best care possible.