Swett Dentistry is one of the few offices taking advantage of the newest in technology: 3-D Dental scans to make patient's crowns, bridges and veneers!

There are many PATIENT ADVANTAGES OF 3D SCANNING- here are a few: COMFORT – No impression material, leads to gag free impressions. Intra-oral scanning speed is improving every year. 3Shape’s Trios 3 can scan a mouth in a couple minutes. ACCURACY – Greater accuracy leads to a better final product. A product can only be as good as the information going into it. TIME – Digital scanning eliminates the need to take multiple impressions. Greater accuracy means less adjustments and less appointments.The scan actually gets sent over the internet so there is no waiting for cases being sent (or lost!) by snail mail. HEALTH – 3D scanners with color create a great digital record which can be used for cancer screening or monitoring areas of interest. OVER ALL SATISFACTION – Patients receive a better fitting product faster. As CAD/CAM catches up to intra-oral scanning we will see even more patient benefits.